Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Digital Nails Much Glitter Swatch and Review

So a few things: 1) I am extending my break on Claw of Cthulhu from one week to two weeks. I will be away after this Friday (July 4th) to the week of the 22nd (vague for a reason, haha!) and then slowly going back to a regular posting schedule in a gradual manner. I will probably start off with 1-2 posts per week. 2) Gah, I am sorry I haven't been replying to any comments! I swear I will get to them eventually. I may be away from content creation but I'll check in! 3) I HAVE DIGITAL NAILS' DOGE COLLECTION FOR THIS WEEK! Oh Hell yeah, I tried to hint at it with my Doge HOWTO, but it's official and I am kicking it off with MUCH GLITTER.

If you lurve this polish or any of the other Digital Nails polishes I've shared on this blog, be sure to check out the Digital Nails Etsy shop, and follow them on Facebook for more news!

Digital Nails Much Glitter Swatch (over Essence Love Me, Cupcake!)

It's so awesome, I can't even stand it.

(OK, I can stand it but seriously.)

Here's a macro and bottle shot:

Digital Nails Much Glitter Bottle and Macro

From Raphaelle of Digital Nails:

Much Glitter! Many Star! So triangle. Wow.

Back in January, someone linked that 2048 game on Facebook and many of us were instantly hooked! Well, what is better than regular 2048? DOGE 2048! I can't tell you how many hours I spent matching little Doge tiles in hopes of getting the final yellow starburst Doge... I digress. This polish was inspired by the rainbow tile doge, and every doge meme that is out there, warning us in its brightly colored comic sans font that we have seen something awesome, or awful. Doge has no boundaries, only bad grammar. We love you, Doge!

This is a rainbow glitter topper with stars in three sizes, triangles, squares, hex, large, medium, small, micro - you name it, it's in here! There are at least 20 different glitters in this one little bottle of polish, so expect something different on every nail! It has the slightest blue jelly tint, but you can wear this polish over ANY color and it will look awesome! SUCH AWESOME. For best results, tip this little number upside down while you're painting your base coat. The larger glitters can be tricky to use. You may also need an extra coat of topcoat to smooth it because of all of those little tiny cutie microglitters.

Have fun with this one!

Come on girl, do you even have to tell me to have fun with this one? Damn it's so fun, I can't even. It's straight up awesome in a bottle. I wanted to be sure of this hypothesis so I put on one of the most neutral polishes I own - Essence Love Me, Cupcake! - and wanted to see what it would do... Yep, from neutral nails to a fun as all heck nails, thanks to MUCH GLITTER. Application wise, this one goes on smoothly. Raphaelle uses a really nice workable suspension base. With big shape glitters like this, of course there is some fishing to be had, and some upside down bottle shaking, but it's nothing that's tough or obnoxious. Here's two coats of Digital Nails Much Glitter!

Digital Nails Much Glitter Swatch (over Essence Love Me, Cupcake!)

Digital Nails Much Glitter Swatch (over Essence Love Me, Cupcake!)

I had a feeling that Digital Nails' Doge Collection was going to be an underdog collection of the summer (haha, I was seriously going to type in "underdoge" to make a joke but I refrained), so I wanted to see how well Much Glitter would play with its Doge collection colleagues: Wow and So Sparkle. Here's one coat on top of Wow:

Digital Nails Much Glitter Swatch (over Digital Nails Wow)

Digital Nails Much Glitter Swatch (over Digital Nails Wow)

And because I don't want to reveal tooooo much... Here's a close-up of Much Glitter over top of glitter sparkle beast So Sparkle (warning: you may drool.):

Digital Nails Much Glitter Swatch (over Digital Nails So Sparkle)

For funsies, I sponged on some Wow tips but I wasn't quite sure how I liked it. Sometimes I think something is a great idea, and then other times, I think "wow what was I thinking?". In this case, I actually think that if I had some sunshine in my light box, I might have liked this one more:

Digital Nails Much Glitter Swatch

Overall, I think Much Glitter is a polish collection staple if you don't already own a neon matte glitter. I have a few glitters like this - namely Rainbow Honey Magic Cake and the very limited Special World - but the crazy thing about Much Glitter is that it has over 20 types of glitter in one bottles... Every time you use this glitter topper, it's going to be different. No consistent look - but I think that's why it's a total "summer polish" - summer is about fun, spontaneity, loud, ALL OF THE YOLO (sorry not sorry), and you're going to get a totally random look on your nail with this polish.

What do you think of Digital Nails Much Glitter? Do you think that the Doge Collection will be an Underdoge for a kickass Summer collection?

Full disclosure: This sample was provided for an unbiased review.


  1. I love how it looks layered over So Sparkle, omg. Also, that spongey gradient is so cool <3

    1. Doge collection over Doge collection. Totally meant to be together.

      Iiiii duuno if I completely like the spongey gradient but it definitely looks better in the sun. Can I buy a sun for my lightbox yet?

  2. Oh, I love that combo! Those colors look so good together!

    1. Thank you! This funky glitter is mad hot on this summer's trends I think!