Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Hard Candy Sweet Tooth Swatch and Review

Hey guys I hope you guys had an awesome weekend (long weekend if you are up north). Back on track with Cheap Polish Tuesday with Hard Candy - a brand that I could only find in Wal-Mart up here in Canada. It caused a lot of excitement on Instagram when they were first introduced because Hard Candy offers quite a vast selection of popular and trendy shades such as metallics and glitter bombs. I personally have been trying to find Black Tie Optional but no dice unfortunately. I believe I found this polish for under $4.

While I didn't find Black Tie Optional, I opted to get Sweet Tooth, which is one of the more unpopular, less coveted polishes in the line but I wanted to give it a shot. Hard Candy Sweet Tooth is a pale pale baby blue jelly with ordinary sized blue, pink and silver glitter. Application was OK, the jelly went on even and the glitters were not fussy. I used two coats for my application, with no top coat:

Hard Candy Sweet Tooth Swatch

Hard Candy Sweet Tooth Swatch

While the polish formula is OK, I just don't find this type of polish very appealing. Same sized glitter just seems cheap to me - there aren't any variations to make it stylized or interesting. I feel like asides being a cheaply priced polish, it's just a cheap looking polish with not a lot of class.

I love the prices of the Hard Candy polishes but it's about the same price as a bottle of OPI when you do the math with how much polish you actually get. While I'm not hating on Hard Candy - obviously I am still hunting down Black Tie Optional! - I just don't find the line very appealing.

Also I apologize for that mis-shaped index finger. I had to cut the callous off and now the nail looks kind of weird. Oh well.

As a note - I am dealing with some personal matters and won't be able to catch up with all your lovely blog posts for a couple of days while I am away. I promise I'll check everything out soon and leave my verbose comments of love when I'm back. In the meantime, what do you think about the Hard Candy polishes? Have you tried any? Won't step into a Wal-Mart (haha)?


  1. I posted a Hard Candy polish yesterday and when I saw your picture I thought it was the same one! But it is not. Still, talk about timing, hee-hee! :)

    I hope everything is okay.

    1. I thought the same thing! I am doing my rounds now so hopefully I'll catch up and see which Hard Candy polish you ended up swatching!

      Thanks for the thoughts - things are a little rocky right now but I'm here now. <3

  2. I like it :-) I am still digging the glitter trend.