Wednesday, 1 May 2013

OPI Hands Off My Kielbasa! Swatch and Review

OK, before I begin.... Today is the first day of May, and I Melissa, mind behind Claw of Cthulhu take a Extreme Low Buy Pledge until November of 2013. I will not indulge in binge purchases. I will resist the temptation and appreciate the current inventory that I have. I will make one exception for a Rainbow Honey, allowing to purchase any release. This will be tough, this will be frustrating but in the end it will be worth it. It starts now. Signed, Melissa.

So that might have been awkward for some of you to read, but the truth is I need to stop buying nail polish. I always made jokes along the lines of "well retail therapy is cheaper than real therapy!" but I need to take bigger steps than indulge in these impulses. I started this blog to inventory my current collection, which is massive compared to how microscopic this blog is. No seriously, look. There is so much that I haven't explored in regards to nail art, swatches, even my nail care isn't that great, so while I figure all of this out, this blog will continue loud and strong but my shopping is going to have to come to a halt. Or at least slow down.

Anyway, today's swatch was a surprising one. It was a couple of weeks ago after Caitlin told me to make the jump and off the length of my broken sad state index finger nail. It was a sad day and to this day, I am growing out all the damage but I was soooo happy with the way this swatch turned out. I wanted something a little more subtle yet pretty to distract myself from my uneven length and I found it.

Enter OPI Hands Off My Kielbasa!, a slight frosty somewhat pretzel toned tanned peach shade from the Euro Centrale collection, which I love. I was worried the finish would be streaky and unflattering but it looks great. The application was a self-levelling two coater. I just love how neutral and safe OPI Hands Off My Kielbasa! is. Definitely a winner for anyone looking for something to wear while growing their nails out. My swatch here is two coats with no top coat:

OPI Hands Off My Kielbasa! Swatch

OPI Hands Off My Kielbasa! Swatch

OPI Hands Off My Kielbasa! Swatch

OPI Hands Off My Kielbasa! Swatch

As you can see my nails have been suffering some damage due to me trying so hard to keep my length. That is the shortest my index finger nail can go and you can see the patching on the pinky nail as well. I cut it last night. I just want a better chance at healthy growth.

Another winner from the Euro Centrale collection. Don't get me wrong - I love my glitters, flakies, vampy cremes but sometimes you just need something a little more simple, classic, neutral. OPI Hands Off My Kielbasa! is exactly that.


  1. Sometimes a clean start is the best thing. It looks to be growing back nicely.

    This is a beautiful colour, and perfect for spring.

    Ahh no buys are no fun, I feel your pain. I've been doing good lately. Every time I see a mint green or turquoise shade I always go "oooo", but then I tell myself that I already have like 8 different shades already. And I know that "similar" does not mean "the same", but it's good enough for me. However, my new thing is to get "new-to-me" brands, and cute bottles (tee-hee).

    1. No Buys are frustrating because I do a lot of retail therapy when I am upset. I am going to try and change that though. It's been pretty hard this year because I also modified my diet and I tend to get crabby when craving terribad foods like french fries (oh fries, how I miss thee!). I will definitely be living vicariously through your blog as you discover new brands! I always love your posts. <3