Monday, 18 February 2013

DAVIDsTEA Perfect Mug Inspired Nail Art - Noble Mustard

Yayyy! It's Shitty Nail Art Monday where I, a complete n00b to nail art attempts to do interesting things with nail polish! I am currently working on a DAVIDsTEA Perfect Mug inspired nail art collection and I really should have posted this sooner as it looks like the mug it's inspired by is no longer available on the site! Damn.

This is inspired by DAVIDsTEA "Noble Mustard" Perfect Mug. It was white on the exterior, and a yellow mustard on the inside. Very awesome! It reminded me of Louboutin's famous black and red heels, which of course, spawned Louboutin nails. You paint your nails one colour, and then paint the inside of your tips a highlight colour. Sounds simple? It is and it's a classy look. I love them. I'm just not a fan of the removal.

So here's my DAVIDsTEA Noble Mustard Louboutin nails: I used OPI White Alpine for the main outside of my nails (coincidentally I am also sipping on DAVIDsTEA Alpine Punch right now)and Color Club Almost Famous for the inside of my tips.

DAVIDsTEA Perfect Mug Inspired - Noble Mustard

DAVIDsTEA Perfect Mug Inspired - Noble Mustard

You can tell these have been sitting in my backlog from January since the white background is still in use here. Whoops!


  1. This is cool! I have yet to try painting the inside of my nails, but I must add this to the list. (I guess I should actually start a list of things I want to try cause I forget everything!)
    This look will have to wait though cause I broke a nail this weekend and have to trim them a bit short, *sigh*.

    1. I guess that's why people use Pinterest, lol. I refuse to have one though. Aw sorry to hear about the broken nail but some nail art looks better with short nails so you can take advantage of it sometimes! I personally ALWAYS break my nails so I do my best to keep them, haha. I've been using nail glue to repair broken nails lately. I just hate cutting them all now. It's been working pretty good!