Thursday, 17 January 2013

Color Club Gift of Sparkle Swatch

Color Club's Gift of Sparkle is a warm purple (we haven't seen that yet on this blog!) packed with holographic glitter and red and purple micro-glitters keeping a consistent tone. Gift of Sparkle is an easy two-coater. Like with most thick glitter formulas, the first first coat is a bit sheer, lacking personality but another coat sticks onto the first coat really well and kicks it up to a high notch. Again, I found no issues with the formula, but I've been known to work with a lot of Rainbow Honey lacquers and OPI's Teenage Dream is one of my favourite nail polishes and it takes THICKEST FORMULA PRIZE ftw.

Color Club Gift of Sparkle Swatch

I think this color is very pretty. I love anything holographic so I'm a fan!

I'm officially done season 2 of Community and it looks like this is when Community takes a turn and everything just becomes a parody, instead of using original content. Not sure if I will like that any better, though. In other news, Arrow is back and some Oliver Queen doing salmon ladder pull-ups sounds good to me. (Mwahahaha.)

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