Thursday, 31 January 2013

OPI Liquid Sand - Stay The Night Swatch

Man, I am sort of bummed out that Liquid Sand week is over! I was having fun! Next week I'll be back to usual programming with random swatches. No theme, but I really should soon. I thought about doing a Rainbow Honey week but the thing with most of Dee's polishes is that they're so damn versatile so do I swatch vanilla, do I layer glitters over different colours? It's overwhelming but I'll figure something out. Anyway totally off topic here.

So OPI Stay The Night. Brutally. Awesome. Colour. Now, I am a little colour blind because I've seen the glitter described as pink, but I see red. If I look hard enough, it's a deep pink but to me, I see a beautiful gritty matte black with bits of red glitter. That's me, though! Here is Stay The Night in two coats, with no top coat:

OPI Stay The Night Swatch

I think with a top coat, you get a completely different look. The same effect of a nice black gritty jelly, with peekaboo bits of red glitter. (Yes I will continue with the red, hehe!)

OPI Stay The Night (With Top Coat) Swatch

Now, a few notes here: I wore this one few a few days without top coat. After a day of full wear, I noticed that I was seeing some silver glitter. And after another day, there was significant fading of the red glitter, it was about 50/50 red glitter and silver glitter. The pigment had somehow rubbed off! So my recommendation is that if you're really attached to the red glitter and want to preserve the colours, use a top coat. If you love the vanilla look and don't mind the fading, rock it for a couple of days. I personally like changing my nail polish often so I don't mind!

Hope you enjoyed Stay The Night. I'll be doing a final post tomorrow with all the liquid sands so all the swatches are reconciled in one post for future reference.

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