Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sinful Colors Cinderella Swatch

I got this new hand cream from Winners that has hemp oil in it but it makes my hands itch so I guess I'll stop using that. I have been trying to find new skincare products to use. When I posted about my Absinthe Hand Lotion on Instagram (I am so excited that it's a thing), someone suggested the Tokyo Milk Dark lip care products. They have Absinthe! And clove cigarettes! My favourite things that I don't often indulge in! When I went to Sephora to inquire about them, I showed one of the floor girls the Tokyo Milk products on Amazon on my iPhone. "Do you have this?" I asked.... To which she replied, "sorry, we don't carry Amazon". Seriously, Sephora. Seriously.

Anyway, welcome to Cheap Polish Tuesday where we celebrate cheap polishes we find regular price or on sale for $5 or less! A while back, all the girls on /r/redditlaqueristas were aching for a polish called Cinderella by Sinful Colors. I didn't understand the big deal over it so when I spotted Cinderella on sale at London Drugs for $3, I figured I'd give it a shot.

Sinful Colors Cinderella is a baby blue packed with the slightest invasive pink and purple shimmer. The shimmer definitely does come out to dance in sunlight, but I like that it's subtle enough in darker environments to show. Formula was okay. I thought it was a little sheer on and you can see where my free edge starts. I used two and a half coats for my swatch:

Sinful Colors Cinderella Swatch

Sinful Colors Cinderella Swatch

Overall, I didn't really understand the big deal over it. For the amount of hype it got, I just don't get it. It's OK. I am definitely not a big fan of baby blue. It just reminds me of the mid 90s.

Here's Addicted to Lacquer's Hoof Polish Just One More Time used over top:

Hoof Polish Just One More Time Swatch (over Sinful Colors Cinderella)

And jelly sandwiched:

Hoof Polish Just One More Time jelly sandwich (over Sinful Colors Cinderella)


  1. Oh thank goodness, I'm not the only one who didn't get it. I did grab it when everyone poop their pants over it, and I've had the worst time with it. Maybe I got a bummy bottle, but I have some awful dragging with it.

    1. I wouldn't put it past the formula. I know Revlon owns Sinful Colors and I think Revlon is the king of dragging formulas! I think it's just the colour that's not that special, haha. I don't get it! Maybe I'd like it better if I had something a little more opaque underneath...

  2. It's ok, but not something I'd go gaga for.
    I really like the jelly sammy you did, those 2 go great together!

    If you go by a Crabtree & Evelyn, try their new Tarocoo Orange hand cream. I got a sample in Feb's Glossybox and I absolutely love it!!

  3. Okay I love this. and I LOVE the sandwich. I just love you and probably don't tell you that enough.
    I want this blue even though no one seems to be a fan. dammit